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Our mission is to protect and conserve the natural environment.

Communication & Collaboration

The actions needed to prevent catastrophic change will be impossible without widespread public support. Communicating the risks from climate change and environmental degradation, and the urgency of counteracting those risks, is our top priority.

These risks are immense compared to environmental philanthropic resources available. We believe alliances between like-minded groups and individuals are needed to make those resources count.

Aerial view of deforestation in the Amazon.

Approximately 4000 square miles of the Amazon rainforest – an area nearly as large as Connecticut – are destroyed each year.

Philanthropy & Investment

Both environmental advocacy and applied research into climate solutions are vital and rely mainly on philanthropic and governmental funding. We make grants to journalists, NGOs, and scientists to drive advocacy and research.

The world also needs innovation and commercialization of new technologies. Along with environmental philanthropy, we make investments in entrepreneurs and firms building green industries and systems.

Photo of a bleached coral reef.

Excessive carbon dioxide is leading to ocean acidification and the rapid demise of marine ecosystems. 

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